Can You Really Afford to Not Be Strength Training?

strength-training-getting-startedWhat is strength training exercise and why is it so important to our health?

Strength training exercises are those that use resistance of some form…they either involve the use of barbells, dumbbells, machines and or other equipment that work to improve strength and keep your body at its maximum health and overall fitness.

The basic premise of strength training is to make muscles, bones and tendons work harder than they are accustomed to working in our everyday activities.

When we do this, it stimulates the body to increase its strength in order to meet the demands we are placing on it. [Read more…]

Turn Back The Aging Clock

male mojoContrary to popular belief…especially in past generations, you can turn back the clock and create a strong, mobile, vital body.

The fact is many of the symptoms of old age are really the symptoms of inactivity-of using our muscles less! Muscle weakness, bone loss, and sluggish metabolism are changes that accompany aging but are not solely caused by it. And, lest you believe that loss of muscle occurs only in older adults, think again. Even young adults lose muscle if it is not purposefully maintained.
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