Let Me Introduce You To The King Of Exercises


Strength-training is the key to maintaining your body in a healthy low-fat state because it elevates your metabolism (through muscle building) so that your body burns fat around the clock and not just during the periods that you are exercising.

There are TWO very good reasons for dedicating a report to a single exercise and then including that report in Strong Men Stay Young.

The first of these reasons is the following:

There is no better way to stimulate testosterone production than to perform a full-body exercise that calls upon almost all of the muscles in your body. [Read more…]

Kettlebells, The Unique Fitness Tool Are All The Rage – And For Good Reason

I285x285_Kettlebell_1af barbells and dumbbells are doing their job and getting you stronger but you are struggling a bit with motivation, it may be time to add a new player to your strength training routine, something you’ve most likely not tried but has proven to offer the same benefits. This unique set of strength training tools is called Kettlebells.

The use of Kettlebell’s can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece where they were used by athletes for strength training and performance. Eventually they made their way into the Russian culture where they were used in contests by workers to see who was stronger. This game slowly progressed into informal systems of strength training developed by Russian strongmen. [Read more…]