Dangerous Fat Tucked Away Inside Your Body Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

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We would not be human if we did not occasionally wonder if cancer is something that we might get and the fate meant for us.

We tend to think of it as being a matter of luck and something we have no control over. Yet we now know that 90 percent of all cancer is preventable so it makes good sense to try and stop it happening rather than trying to fix up a broken body once the wheels fall off.

One of the main preventative measures is to keep our body composition (muscle/fat ratio) at a healthy level as one of the main drivers of cancer is how fat we are.

Although it is easy to see when we are overweight there is another hidden type of fat that is not so obvious. In fact it can only be detected with body imaging such as an MRI scan. [Read more…]

Kettlebells, The Unique Fitness Tool Are All The Rage – And For Good Reason

I285x285_Kettlebell_1af barbells and dumbbells are doing their job and getting you stronger but you are struggling a bit with motivation, it may be time to add a new player to your strength training routine, something you’ve most likely not tried but has proven to offer the same benefits. This unique set of strength training tools is called Kettlebells.

The use of Kettlebell’s can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece where they were used by athletes for strength training and performance. Eventually they made their way into the Russian culture where they were used in contests by workers to see who was stronger. This game slowly progressed into informal systems of strength training developed by Russian strongmen. [Read more…]