Looking For the Fountain of Youth?

men4Exercise may not be the end-all when it comes to the fountain of youth but you can get a healthy hit of vitality from a long drink of it.

In 1966, a unique and very revealing study was done at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School. Five completely healthy men volunteered to participate in a research study that sounded to them like the easiest opportunity of their lives. All they had to do was spend three weeks of their upcoming summer vacation resting in bed. Seemed easy and harmless enough right? Wrong, the results were devastating. [Read more…]

Are You a Yo-yo Exerciser?

first stepHave you become a yo-yo exerciser? Are there patches of no action is your life…when all exercise is on the back burner and then suddenly it becomes full tilt when you’ve decided its time to lose weight and get fit so we dial up our efforts to full steam in order to get our results as quick as possible.

If you  continue to ride this roller coaster of ‘off/on’ fitness and healthy eating, stopping and starting exercise programs and diets it will never really become “something you become”…it will always be something you are trying to “get”.

It’s priority stays low on your list and exercise becomes something “you do” when the mood strikes you or you have time left over and the result will be minimal which is not very motivating.

The problem lies with momentum. It’s just like climbing a mountain. As long as we are climbing and taking one step in front of the other we eventually get there. However if we stop or slide back to the beginning we have to create momentum again to even start the climb. It’s just easier to keep your original momentum and continue climbing even if you need to slow down or even stop and catch a breath. [Read more…]