Are You Taking Care of Your Heart Muscle?

heart_healthAlthough the heart has always been associated with love, very few people really pay attention to their own hearts or put much thought into the role it plays.

As long as this mysterious vibrating organ keeps doing its job of keeping us alive and breathing most people don’t give it a second thought.

However, heart disease is nothing to fool around with and unlike what most believe, it is not just a disease or condition that strikes older people. Heart disease has become the number two killer in the developed world and now accounts for 40 percent of all deaths with cancer taking the number one spot.

The problem with cardiovascular degeneration is that it is a gradual, lifelong process that is not seen or felt until the damage is done. Heart disease takes decades to develop and precisely the reason people…including you need to be paying more attention to their hearts now…giving it the due attention it needs now not later in life after the damage has been done. [Read more…]

Your Heart Needs A Regular Beating To Stay Healthy

shutterstock_20994970They carried him out on a stretcher. The doctor said it was a heart attack; nothing anyone could do. Aged 61 recently retired…. it is an unfortunate script that is played out every day in family homes around the world. At least he didn’t suffer the doctor said, since it happened while he slept.

Despite dramatic medical advances over the past 50 years, heart disease remains the leading cause of death amongst humans accounting for 42 percent of all deaths worldwide. [Read more…]