Strength Training the Number One Age Defying Exercise Program

Getting older is natural and inevitable and there is really nothing wrong with it, as we add years to our lives we increase in knowledge, learn from our mistakes (hopefully) and acquire wisdom. The common mistake that many of us make in thinking that getting older and aging is the same thing, but there is a big difference between the two.

Scientific studies are now showing us that aging can be prevented. It is a choice, and there are changes in your lifestyle that you can implement that will slow, stop and even reverse the aging process. If we implement these changes, we will stay strong, energized and youthful as we get older.

Aging is the degeneration of all body cells, tissues and organs that ultimately ends in dysfunction, frailty and decrepitude. It doesn’t just affect you on the surface, yes, the skin wrinkles on the outside, but if aging is left to continue unabated, muscles and bones shrink and weaken and the metabolism slows (the body’s engine).

The end result is reduced immunity exposing one to disease and ill-health, weakness and frailty. With this comes a dramatic deterioration in the long term quality of life leading to a loss of independence and dependency on others.


The main bio markers of age are lean muscle mass, muscle strength, and metabolic rate (the speed and efficiency of your engine). Although these markers decline with age, inactivity has the greatest bearing on them and the easy solution is to put back proper physical activity into ones life.

Unless your lifestyle includes hard manual labor any physical activity you perform will need to address the effective realignment of the metabolism for general health improvement, maximum longevity and youthfulness.

The remedy is called strength training exercise and the right program performed at the right intensity has the ability to increase the metabolism by stimulating the body to release an important growth hormone (HGH) sometimes called a “youth hormone”.

When we partake in regular proper exercise (muscle building and maintaining exercise) that stimulates the release of HGH, the process of growth spreads throughout every cell in our bodies, making us not just a little bit younger and healthier – a whole lot younger and healthier.

Low intensity recreational activities such as walking, jogging, swimming etc provide no stimulation of this age defying hormone so cannot reverse the loss of lean muscle mass which is the number one bio marker of aging.

Now we know it is possible to improve almost every aspect of the body, muscle and bone strength, organ function, disease resistance, brain capacity, body fat percentage, healing time and regain a youthful appearance by changing body chemistry and increasing metabolism through the right exercise program.

It is much better to deal with the underlying causes of aging rather than trying to deal with each symptom by taking some type of medicine or drug which does not lead to wellness and longevity.

Men and women of any age can prevent the premature wasting of functional lean muscle and even gain it back. There is now no reason to remain trapped in a body made up of more fat and less muscle. We can have greater quality of life, less weakness, more strength and energy and maintain an independent state for a much longer period of time.

We do have control of how we feel, how we look and how well we can perform. Age is no excuse to stop trying. When we stop trying we start dying.

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