Osteoporosis is Serious Stuff

ostoFor many people, age 50 is now the new 40. However, the mid-life crisis for bone health comes a lot sooner typically hitting its victim between the ages of 25 and 30 when the body stops building bone and bone density begins to slowly decline leading to increased risk for breakage.

It’s not just muscle that wastes away as we age (if we are not training) but along with the loss of muscle comes weakened bones and weakened bones increase the risk of fractures.

Without strong muscles pulling on the bones they are attached to, there is no need for the bones to remain strong so osteoporosis sets in.

When most people hear the word osteoporosis, they immediately think of women. And, it’s true that this disease does strike women more than men but osteoporosis strikes men as well as women. In fact, over 200 million people worldwide have some level of the disease causing a rising silent epidemic of hip, vertebra, wrist and other osteoporosis related fractures each year. [Read more…]