Proper Exercise For Real Life Function

iStock_000016940770XSmall (1)A long time ago, there were no intentional exercise programs. Physical activity was a natural part of life and practically everyone participated in enough movement on a daily basis to keep the body in good condition.

Now our modern labor saving devices and the television set have robbed many people of the necessary movement that the human body needs to stay healthy.

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The Best Self Health Investment Of A Lifetime – Your Own Health

Throughout our working years we are generally concerned about saving money and investing it wisely so we can have financial security when our working life is over. Yet few of us plan for our health and wellness just when we will need it the most. Somehow we believe that whether we remain well or if we go down a path of disease and illness is merely the result of “Lady Luck’ or fate.

We do not seem to accept the things we do and do not do particularly in the way of healthy eating and proper exercise over the years in the end impacts on whether our health span matches our life span.

With the wealth of information available no one can say that they are not aware of the importance of keeping one’s strength and fitness right throughout life. Fifty to one hundred years ago life was very different in that most people had to be physically active just to meet the daily demands of life.

That has changed dramatically, now we literally do not have to ‘move a muscle’ to live and spend as much as 80 percent of our day sitting in one type of chair or another.

Just as a diet of processed foods leads to health problems somewhere down the road, a lifestyle without enough muscle maintaining activity leads to a weakening of our body and all of its systems. This is how we get hit with the killer diseases that are epidemic in our modern day world.

If you are not moving much now, or movements are limited to going from the bed, to the car, to the desk, to the couch you are in fact living without enough activity to keep your body and its defense systems strong and resilient and your disease risk low.

If your brain does not receive the message from your muscles that strength is needed on an ongoing basic it switches the body into ‘shut-down’ mode. The muscular system is the engine of the body making up to 50 percent of our body weight. So, when it is allowed to grow weak and diminish through disuse this causes a premature decay and degenerative affect on the rest of the body.

But you can so easily put a stop to this and in fact can stimulate the hormones again and ‘wake-up’ every cell in your body putting the brakes on the aging process. There is only one type of activity that can do this – strength training exercise. The muscles need direct controlled loading with adequate resistance so that they become stronger. Forget long duration low intensity activity as it will not give these benefits.

bluemountainStrength training exercise is so effective only a little is needed to do the job. The more effort you put into it the less of it you need. Even a couple of sessions each week will strengthen up those ‘sleeping’ muscles and once they are woken up they will produce energy, vitality and vigor. This is what is needed to lead a higher quality of life and nothing less will do it.

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You can train yourself for success or you can train yourself for failure, so, be your own coach and get yourself going.

The Best Time Of The Day To Exercise

shutterstock_60954469We are all so busy these days – rushing around often hardly having time to catch our breath. The last thing on our mind is making time to exercise and we seem to have no qualms about using our lack of time as an excuse not to do it.

But what if we improved our time management so we can fit in just two sessions each week of a proper efficient strengthening exercise program? Think of the benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being we would receive. [Read more…]

Where Are You With Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals – Results Or Excuses?

We would have to have been living under a rock for the last decade or two not to know that we all need to include proper exercise in our sedentary and inactive modern day lives. Although we know this we still find excuses not to do it and are aware that this is keeping us from living our best life.

We also know that physical activity is necessary to protect us from premature and preventable disease and can help ensure we do not succumb to an early demise. Yet we may wonder why that we always find excuses that keep us from our exercise program despite the fact that we yearn to be strong, fit and healthy? It seems for many of us knowing and doing are two very different things.

Like most of us, you have probably told yourself you are going to start exercising tomorrow, yet tomorrow comes and goes and you have still not got yourself moving.  One of the main things that keep people from setting just a little time aside a couple of times each week is the excuses they use to rationalize why they do not exercise.

So what is really going on and what is really holding you back? What excuse is fitting for you today? Too tired, too busy, too hot, too cold, don’t wanna, or you’re in pretty good shape… for your age (pick one) But I think you will agree these excuses are pretty flimsy.  There is no excuse for being sedentary whatever your age unless you happen to be paralyzed from the neck down or in a coma.

Not enough time is the number one excuse

Unfortunately many people believe that they need a lot of time to exercise and that may stem from the old fashioned belief that long, slow endurance activities are what are needed to get you into good shape. But I have good news for you; this type of activity is now not considered the best way to get you 1) that weight loss you need or 2) that strong, lean, healthy body you desire.

The new way to do it is to work the muscular system in a short time frame of around 30 -40 minutes and to put some effort into it. Just two of these workouts each week make up for hours of low intensity fluff that will never get you in better shape.

To burn fat and tone up muscles you need to work them directly against a resistance (weight). This slow controlled loading of the muscles through their full ranges of movement under an adequate load is the only activity that will raise your metabolism (your body’s engine). This will mean your metabolic rate is increased and will chew into those fat stores even when you are asleep. When you put enough effort (intensity) into each session your heart rate will be raised and you get the maximum “bang for your buck” with a total body workout that is both efficient and effective.








This way of exercising means you can get much better results with much less time spent so the chance that you will make excuses not to do it is lessened. Hold on to the fact that squeezing in 1-2 hours a week for your strength training program is something that will make virtually every other aspect of your life better. When you get your muscular system toned up it will generate more energy and the more energy you have everything else is easier and can be done quicker.

You owe it to yourself to quit making excuses about why you do not get enough proper exercise. You only have one body for this lifetime and to keep it healthy and well, strong and fit you need to give it the activity it needs. You get the bonus of a much higher quality of life and health from just such a little output of your time and effort.

My program Strong Men Stay Young has two strength training programs that can be done in 30-40 minutes and will quickly get you toned and into great shape. The stronger you are the better you will look and feel and that is something to really look forward too isn’t it?


Dangerous Fat Tucked Away Inside Your Body Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

belly fat web x

We would not be human if we did not occasionally wonder if cancer is something that we might get and the fate meant for us.

We tend to think of it as being a matter of luck and something we have no control over. Yet we now know that 90 percent of all cancer is preventable so it makes good sense to try and stop it happening rather than trying to fix up a broken body once the wheels fall off.

One of the main preventative measures is to keep our body composition (muscle/fat ratio) at a healthy level as one of the main drivers of cancer is how fat we are.

Although it is easy to see when we are overweight there is another hidden type of fat that is not so obvious. In fact it can only be detected with body imaging such as an MRI scan. [Read more…]

Strength Training the Number One Age Defying Exercise Program

Getting older is natural and inevitable and there is really nothing wrong with it, as we add years to our lives we increase in knowledge, learn from our mistakes (hopefully) and acquire wisdom. The common mistake that many of us make in thinking that getting older and aging is the same thing, but there is a big difference between the two.

Scientific studies are now showing us that aging can be prevented. It is a choice, and there are changes in your lifestyle that you can implement that will slow, stop and even reverse the aging process. If we implement these changes, we will stay strong, energized and youthful as we get older.

Aging is the degeneration of all body cells, tissues and organs that ultimately ends in dysfunction, frailty and decrepitude. It doesn’t just affect you on the surface, yes, the skin wrinkles on the outside, but if aging is left to continue unabated, muscles and bones shrink and weaken and the metabolism slows (the body’s engine).

The end result is reduced immunity exposing one to disease and ill-health, weakness and frailty. With this comes a dramatic deterioration in the long term quality of life leading to a loss of independence and dependency on others.


The main bio markers of age are lean muscle mass, muscle strength, and metabolic rate (the speed and efficiency of your engine). Although these markers decline with age, inactivity has the greatest bearing on them and the easy solution is to put back proper physical activity into ones life.

Unless your lifestyle includes hard manual labor any physical activity you perform will need to address the effective realignment of the metabolism for general health improvement, maximum longevity and youthfulness.

The remedy is called strength training exercise and the right program performed at the right intensity has the ability to increase the metabolism by stimulating the body to release an important growth hormone (HGH) sometimes called a “youth hormone”.

When we partake in regular proper exercise (muscle building and maintaining exercise) that stimulates the release of HGH, the process of growth spreads throughout every cell in our bodies, making us not just a little bit younger and healthier – a whole lot younger and healthier.

Low intensity recreational activities such as walking, jogging, swimming etc provide no stimulation of this age defying hormone so cannot reverse the loss of lean muscle mass which is the number one bio marker of aging.

Now we know it is possible to improve almost every aspect of the body, muscle and bone strength, organ function, disease resistance, brain capacity, body fat percentage, healing time and regain a youthful appearance by changing body chemistry and increasing metabolism through the right exercise program.

It is much better to deal with the underlying causes of aging rather than trying to deal with each symptom by taking some type of medicine or drug which does not lead to wellness and longevity.

Men and women of any age can prevent the premature wasting of functional lean muscle and even gain it back. There is now no reason to remain trapped in a body made up of more fat and less muscle. We can have greater quality of life, less weakness, more strength and energy and maintain an independent state for a much longer period of time.

We do have control of how we feel, how we look and how well we can perform. Age is no excuse to stop trying. When we stop trying we start dying.

If you want to experience this youth giving strategy just go back to the home page on this website where you will find my plan to help you achieve this. You can download it and be on your way within minutes.

Women Love a Man’s Sculpted Body

3677102_xxl copyBody image; it is something we all deal with every day when we look in the mirror. Our body image is part of our total self-image. It is our opinions, feelings and thoughts about our personal physical appearance.

Strong and sexy are two adjectives that describe what women look for in a man. It’s perfectly natural that women want men that look stronger than they are; someone that could easily carry them up a flight of stairs without the blink of an eye. So, it’s not at all surprising that women love men with strong sculpted muscles/bodies.

Numerous studies have shown that the more fit men are the more they are attractive to women in general. Some things never change. That chiseled six-pack is always a turn on. But, it’s not the only muscle that women notice. [Read more…]