Traditional Dips Provide Powerful Results…

chfitnessdipsPush-ups still rank at the top for developing a powerful chest, triceps and total upper body strength.

Dips…another compound, body-weight exercise comes in a close second and if you’ve been avoiding them because they’re hard, it’s time to focus on the benefits of these old-school, simple but amazingly effective and demanding exercises.

There are many varieties of dips and how we choose to perform them will depend on our strength levels, conditioning and what we have available to us in our surroundings that allow us to perform our dips on. [Read more…]

The Power of Push-Ups

Visiblepushups abdominal muscles, a firm tight chest and horse shoe triceps all suggest upper body strength and there is no better exercise to perform to achieve this look than push-ups.

The push up, one of the simplest and best exercises you can perform, is regularly used in the gym, the school yard and Special Forces training camps. [Read more…]