Be Aware of the Effects of Sarcopenia



Sarcopenia is a word that most of us are not familiar with and yet its effects are felt in every family. Many men and women will become weak and frail as they age…all due to sever muscle loss.

The good news is that you do not have to be one of them.

The term sarcopenia is defined as the age-related loss of muscle mass which in turn causes a multitude of negative metabolic changes associated with decreased health and vitality in older people; sagging and wrinkled skin, hair loss, trembling extremities, loss of flexibility, balance and coordination and a stooped over posture are all signs of the onset of sacrcopenia.

For most, this premature loss of muscle mass and strength is due to insufficient and challenging physical activity throughout a person’s life. Unchecked and unexercised muscles become helpless and severly diminish the quality of one’s life.

Beginning around age 30 this barely noticeable loss of muscle begins with the rate increasing sharply around age 60. Muscles lose their ability to store and use energy, to recover quickly from exertion and to produce and respond to hormones. Not only is muscle mass lost, the metabolic rate slows making it harder to control weight and keep it off, causing obesity and increasing the risk of life threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

It’s not surprising that not much mention has been made in mainstream news about sarcopenia and its debilitating effects. There is no benefit to the pharmaceutical industry so its story sits nearly silent.

What’s the answer? By building and maintaining strong muscle mass continuously. Muscle mass is made of proteins. Frail muscles affect other body systems as well eventually weakening them and leading to an overall decline in health.

Exercise is critically important in both prevention and the managing of sacopenia because it stimulates the release of hormones which in turn promote healthy strong muscle mass. However, not all exercise works to build muscle mass. Aerobics is great for cardiovascular systems and for helping to keep body fat levels low…but resistance training using weights, bands, and different machines is essential to preserving or increasing muscle mass.

Loss of muscle mass in the elderly is a major cause of increased falls but the truth is you do not have to be part of this. By taking responsibility for and doing the best to maintain strength and muscle mass now you can conquer the preventable disease sarcopenia and the misery and challenges it presents to the elderly with daily life/tasks.

However, sarcopenia is not inevitable and is not a result of aging; for the most part it is the result of muscle loss.

It’s much easier to prevent muscle loss than it is to treat the progression of muscle loss later in life, so it makes sense to begin your strength training program now to enjoy a full and vital life.

The best treatment for sarcopenia and fraily is prevention. Check out Strong Men Stay Young for diet, exercise, strength training and information on balancing your hormones all covered in one super product.

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