Develop Strong Back and Core Muscles Using the Deadlift


strongmen_oldermenMany people exercise in an unbalanced manner spending too long fixating on their abdominal’s and not nearly enough time working the core or spinal muscles.

Core strength is important in terms of maintaining ones balance and weight transference (whether in sport or daily life). In other words, it has real life applications such as lifting objects off the ground from a variety of angles without getting injured.

The deadlift is a great mid-section exercise and is more productive at developing a strong core and back than many of the ineffective “fad” exercises you see performed today.Performing deadlifting exercises correctly can strengthen the back muscles and developing strong back muscles is important if we want to avoid being susceptible to injures.

Lifting heavy objects up is a motion that is performed over and over throughout our lives; we actually perform the deadlift without realizing it.

For example: picking up a heavy box is performing the deadlift. Picking up a child or any dropped object off the ground is a deadlift. Unfortunately because we are never taught correctly, we lift wrong…they are done incorrectly.

Studies have proven that a large percentage of workers’ compensation claims are files because of back injuries and spinal specialists agree that middle-aged people have an accumulation of spinal problems developed throughout the course of their lifetime as result of weak back and core muscles.

The reason all of these things are so predominant is that people with weak backs from their posture and lifestyles avoid back exercises which is the opposite of what they should be doing. Rather than pamper weaknesses, they need to be overcome their weaknesses.

Prevention of injuries lies in strengthening the back.

The deadlift is the ticket to a strong and functioning lower body and back. Properly performed, it teaches you to work your body as a unit and recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers to get the job done. You learn how to load up the legs to take the stress off the lower back all the while developing a strong resilient back.

In fact, the deadlift is the best exercise for total back strengthening; its focus is the body’s core-legs, hips and back. There are no other exercises that work the wide range of muscles that the deadlift does.

It is important to have good form when performing these lifts.

Deadlifts can be performed by anyone and the exercise is safe for anyone who has good form; in other words it is safe to perform if you are flexible enough to perform this great “hip extension” exercise properly to work the lower back.

The beauty of the deadlift is that it works both the mid-section and the back together.

Using lots of muscles at once is something that you should be looking for in your exercise program. These types of exercises makes an exercise functional…it has real world uses.

The deadlift’s whole-body nature delivers a quick boost in general strength and sense of power. Whatever your age, whether male or female, there is no other exercise that provides a better way to strengthen the entire body while teaching proper lifting mechanics than the deadlift.

The proper deadlift is just one exercise you’ll learn in “Strong Men Stay Young” my comprehensive program for men of all ages but particularly for those who have concerns about testosterone loss.

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