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Affiliates - Earn 60% Commission!

Welcome to my resource page for affiliates. My product "Strong Men Stay Young" is one that you can feel confident promoting to a very large target audience of men interested in learning how best to maintain the youthful vigor and manliness that they enjoy in their "prime" years but tend to lose as they advance beyond their twenties. This is achieved with the proper application of exercise and nutrition, which is well covered in the books that make up this package.

Given that "mid-life crisis" can have a HUGE effect on the lives of men, finding angles to presell this product is easy. Just read through the sales page to get an idea of the many areas of a man's life that suffer when his "male essence" begins to wane. The psychological aspects of this topic - loss of self confidence, mood swings and depression, loss of passion and interest in sex and life in general - are just as important as the physical aspects, such as performance in sports and in the bedroom, loss of muscle and the development of a pot belly or "man boobs".

Please use the resources on this page to help with your promotions and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about promoting my book.

How Much Will I Make?

When you promote "Strong Men Stay Young" as an affiliate you will be making a healthy 60 percent commission on every sale that you refer. The main product that you will be promoting is Strong Men Stay Young, but you will receive commissions for any other of my products that are promoted to the prospect as well.

The book currently sells for $47. This means you get to keep approximately $25.48 of every sale (once my sales processor takes its small cut).

If you are familiar with pay per click advertising, and know how to create adverts with appropriately chosen keywords, you can run profitable campaigns while you sleep! Or, if you prefer not to dabble with pay per click, you can simply promote my book on your blog, create a page on Squidoo or HubPages, or write an article and place it on EzineArticles or any other popular article directory. These are just some of the more obvious zero-cost promotional ideas.

There are, of course, lots of other places that you can use to promote the book without spending a penny.

How Often Will I Be Paid?

Because ClickBank® manages the affiliate program for my ebook (see the next section) the customer actually pays ClickBank directly and they in turn pay you. That means your commission is credited to you the moment the sale is processed.

You are never waiting on me to pay you. ClickBank pays you every two weeks, like clockwork. If there are any refunds to be handled (very infrequent with my book), ClickBank handles that too.

It is a simple system and it works incredibly well for both affiliates and merchants.

Affiliate URL

Because I am using ClickBank to sell my book you only need to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate, get your affiliate nickname and you will be ready to go. The affiliate URL you will need to use to promote the book will look just like this:

All you need to do is replace "nickname" in this URL with your actual ClickBank nickname.

ClickBank also allows you to specify an optional tracking ID, so that you can figure out which campaigns are making you sales. I strongly recommend that you get into the habit of keeping tabs on your referrals this way, since in the long run it will help you establish profitable campaigns. ClickBank allows you to specify a tracking ID with the query string variable tid, so that if your tracking ID was manboobs for a particular campaign (say a PPC keyword like bman boobs), then you would add tracking like this for that campaign:

On the remainder of this page you will find material to help you with your promotions.

Blog & Article Swatches

Feel free to use the following promotional copy as blog posts or short articles. I recommend that you rewrite these a little, especially if you want them to be ranked by the search engines (which like unique content). But if you already have a readership you can elect to post these pretty much as is if you like.

Email Swatches - Standard

If you have a list that responds to the fitness and healthy-living niche then you can use the following emails to let people know about the book.

These messages are intended to be used when you want to send a prospect STRAIGHT TO THE SALES PAGE.

Email Swatches - Squeeze

If you have a list that responds to the fitness and healthy-living niche then you can use the following emails to let people know about the product.

These messages are intended to be used when you want to send prospects to one of the TWO SQUEEZE PAGE VARIATIONS that are offered.
variation 1:

variation 2:
In addition there are THREE OFFER OPTIONS, each of which can be invoked with the TWO squeeze page variations. So in total there are SIX different URLs you can use to send your traffic. They differ only in the reference to the squeeze page that is targeted.

    variation 1:

    variation 2:

    variation 1:

    variation 2:

    variation 1:

    variation 2:
In each of the email messages shown below, only the FIRST URL option is used. Simply replace it with any of the FIVE other URL options if you want to send your traffic to the other squeeze page variation, or one of the other two offer options.

Note: Subscribers will be marketed to over a period of weeks/months and will always see your hoplink in promotional messages.

Note: If you change the value of the TID value then it will be reflected in any IMMEDIATE sales. But the value in sales from follow up promotions will be the one shown above. i.e. halfthemanN where N is one of the values 1 through to 6. This is because ClickBank does not pass the TID value to the merchant, so we use an appropriate TID value in follow up promotions so that you will have some indication of where the sales came from.

Cover Art

Here is the cover of the book, reproduced in a few different sizes for you to grab and insert into your promotions.

strong men stay young cover medium strong men stay young cover small strong men stay young cover tiny

Ad Banners

If you need banners to advertise on your site or those of others feel free to use any of these.

300x250 pixels static

468x60 pixels static

160x600 pixels static

Affiliate Conduct

Before you start promoting my product, I only have one request: Please don't "spam" people.

And I am not just talking about the illegal kind (see the clarification on spamming below).

I am also talking about the overall approach taken to promoting my products. Please make sure that you are not being "hypey", or unrealistic when you contact your subscribers or client-base, publish ads/articles or otherwise drive targeted traffic.

Your target audience should be men interested in learning how best to maintain the youthful vigor and manliness that they enjoy in their "prime" years but tend to lose as they advance beyond their twenties. This will be achieved through the proper application of exercise and nutrition. This is NOT a get manly quick product. The information presented in the book is slanted towards individuals who are looking to get into shape, rebalance their hormones, and elevate their testosterone levels in a sensible fashion, and at a sensible rate, for long term sustainability.

This is the audience for whom I have written, so you will get the highest conversions if you presell them on this notion of improved physical and emotional well-being by returning their health to the state they enjoyed during their "prime manhood" years.

OK, good luck with your promotions.

And don't forget, if you have any questions about promotional activities, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you shortly thereafter (though do note that I am based in New Zealand, so I could well be asleep when you email :)

Carolyn Hansen

Author, Fitness Centre Owner & National Champion Bodybuilder

Clarification of the term Spamming
You are prohibited from promoting this product by spamming - including, but not limited to, unsolicited commercial email broadcasts, forum/newsgroup crossposting, blog-spamming, solicitation on classifieds sites, social network spamming and otherwise contacting anyone without their prior permission. Please visit to learn more about ethical marketing practices, guidelines and laws.

Any affiliates caught spamming will be immediately reported to ClickBank

See ClickBank's specific rules and regulations regarding affiliate promotion here